“Preserving Nature for the Next Generation”, YAMAKI JOZO Group was founded in 1902 and has a history of over 110 years. When I was small, my family’s company did quite a bit of consignment processing,” whereby we received raw ingredients from local farmers, then processed and returned them as miso and soy sauce. We tried hard to produce each person’s “own taste” of house-made miso and soy sauce. Upon delivery of the finished miso and soy sauce, the words of thanks still ring in my ear, thus engendering my deep feeling of appreciation for the farmers.

As Japan entered an era of rapid economic growth and mass production, standardization and efficiency progressed, but nature was gradually lost. In agriculture, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides were used, and large quantities of imported agricultural products began entering Japan. I came to sense that it was difficult to perceive the distinct qualities of each producer and processor. Because of this situation, some consumers began seeking “food safety and security.” And it became apparent that these consumers were ordering specific products and supporting the producers and processors working hard in this vein.

I was impressed by this movement of consumers who cherished their own food and producers, so much so that they wanted a society where there was no barriers between the farmers, producers, and eaters. In order to respond to this burgeoning movement and to provide increasingly safer foods, we partnered with Suka Farm to create the agricultural production corporation, MAMETARO Group. Suka Farm has more than 60 years of experience in natural farming and together we are focusing on agricultural and commercial cooperation that connects producers and consumers.

In an era characterized by alarming liberalization of agricultural products, our corporate philosophy of “Preserving Nature for the Next Generation” remains unwavering but is also joined by a firm commitment to “safety, health and domestic production” for all of our products. I have unwavering gratitude for nature and look forward to an increasingly transparent relationship between consumers and producers.

Tomio Kitani, 4th president, YAMAKI JOZO Group
(b 1947 – d 2019)