■ Group History

Besides teaching silkworm raising at own school, Denjiro Kitani started Koji production in 1902 as business in Yoshii town, Gunma Prefecture.

His first son, Bujuro Kitani (2nd generation) followed the business (Kitani Koji Seigikujo) as Koji producers who also make shoyu and miso in the same town.

The 2nd son of Denjiro, Mikio Kitani (3rd generation) moved to Honjo town, Saitama Prefecture and opened a Kitani Koji Seigikujo Honjo branch in 1926. 

The 2nd son of Mikio, Tomio Kitani (4th generation) was born just after the WWII, when mass food production has started in Japan and nature in food has gradually lost. In his 20’s, he met enthusiastic consumer groups who worked very hard to get transparent natural food, and was inspired by them, and decided to go for organic & natural food production…. to be continued….