Pursuing the culture of authentic Japanese cuisine and
the harmony of nature and people

“Preserveing Nature for the Next Generation” YAMAKI JOZO GROUP

Concept 1:

Traditional manufacturing methods and techniques

Japan has four clear-cut seasons from ancient times. The seasons are spring, summer (high temperature and high humidity), autumn, and winter (low temperature and low humidity). Taking advantage of these characteristic seasons, Japan has developed many unique fermented foods such as miso and soy sauce – the backbones of Japanese cuisine. In 2013, “Washoku” (Japanese cuisine) was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Yamaki Jozo Group will always follow these natural and traditional methods to make our products, and will work our best to hand down the beautiful nature and the wonderful culture of Japanese cuisine to future generations.

Concept 2:

Reassuring, safe, natural, and healthy food from the soil to the table

Yamaki Jozo Group’s unchanging corporate philosophy is “Preserving nature for the next generation.” We will continue to produce and use Japan-grown, environmentally conscious crops and vegetables which are basically not treated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or weed killers. Furthermore, the water we use in our products is a well-known, soft natural spring water from the heights of a local mountain, called “Kamiizumi-sui (God Spring Water).” Our products are filled with natural rich flavor and energy from these local and exceptional ingredients.

Concept 3:

Fulfilling true craftsmanship through the rich natural environment

Established in 1902, Yamaki Jozo Group has inherited the traditional crafting methods from the last 100 years. Our craftsmen’s spirit achieved a higher fulfillment when we moved our factory to be closer to the rich natural environment surrounding “Kamiizumi-sui (God Spring Water).” Each of our products is a gift from our history, craftsmanship, and the unparalleled ingredients and pristine spring water from our mother land.