● Manufacturing of miso, soy sauce, and pickles
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商標トリプルロゴFactories triply certified organic in Japan, United States, and Europe.


Established in 1902, we produce miso, soy sauce, and pickles using: Japan-grown and organic or specially-cultivated (reduced pesticides and chemical fertilizers) materials, well-known natural spring water “Kamiizumi-sui (God Spring Water)”, and traditional wooden barrels and crafting methods. No chemical seasonings or preservatives are added.

Unique and authentic backbones of Japanese cuisine: “Miso” and “Soy sauce”

味噌樽・ヤマキ醸造The history of miso and soy sauce derives back more than 1,000 years.
They are fermented soy so contains fine protein from the soy. They were cherished from the 8th century as nutritious and preservative foods, and were precious provisions during the age of provincial wars.


The traditional taste and the craftsmen’s techniques of “Miso” and “Soy sauce”

もろみ蔵かまし・ヤマキ醸造Since the establishment in 1902, YAMAKI JOZO continues to use the original wooden barrels and the same crafting methods for over 100 years. Back in the days, every household made their own miso and soy sauce. YAMAKI JOZO started as a cellar that makes miso and soy sauce on behalf of each household. We continue to inherit the traditional taste and the craftsmen’s techniques that were trusted by many households for generations.(680×5)

Pursuance of “reassuring, safe food, and healthy food”

YAMAKIJOZO picklesThe ingredients we use at YAMAKI JOZO are organic or specially-cultivated with reduced amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The soy, barley, rice, and other crops and vegetables we use are produced by YAMAKI group’s organic agricultural corporation “MAMETARO”, or other organic and environmentally friendly farmers spread throughout Japan. Mr. Suka, the representative of MAMETARO has experience in organic farming for over 60 years in two generations.

Featuring the natural flavor of these ingredients to the fullest, we pursue producing “reassuring, safe food, and healthy food” that does not add chemical seasonings and preservatives.

YAMAKI JOZO was first only making miso and soy sauce, when we met Mr. Suka of MAMETARO, and soon we took hands to create new products to provide more varieties of reassuring, safe, and healthy foods to our customers.

Now, we have a series of pickles that does not use any chemical seasonings or preservatives, made from organic vegetables by MAMETARO and miso and soy sauce by YAMAKI JOZO.
Delivering “reassuring, safe food, and healthy food” to people who seek.



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