Group History
■ Group History

1902Denjiro Kitani started Miso/ Shoyu manufacturing in Yoshii Town of Gunma Prefecture.
1954Established “Kitani Jozo Firm” in Honjo City
1974Company name was changed to “YAMAKI JOZO CO., LTD” by the 3rd generation, Tomio Kitani.
Launched “Goyogura” brand which lined up products developed upon consumer’s voices.
1991Created a new Tofu Factory in Kamiizumi (God Spring Village/ currently merged to Kamikawa Town).
1994Moved its Miso and Shoyu factory and warehouse to Kamiizumi.
Established “Natural Hand Limited Company.” in Honjo City (the company name was changed to “Shizen no Sato Limited Company” in 1998.
1995Tofu Factory was demerged from “YAMAKI JOZO CO., LTD.” and established “TOAN Limited Company.”
1996Established “MAMETARO” as organic farmers group in Kamiizumi.
1998“Natural Hand Limited Company” changed its name to “Shizen no Sato Limited Company.”
2004“Shizen no Sato Limited Company” changed its name to “YAMAKI CO., LTD.”
and merged all sales function into YAMAKI CO., LTD.
2015“TOAN Limited Company” was merged to “YAMAKI JOZO CO., LTD.”